Céline Theis is a textile designer, curious and passionate about patterns and colors. Born in Belgium, from an early age she showed a creative nature and a strong interest in art. As a teenager, she moved to Antibes in France with her family. She had continued her studies in Marseille where she became passionate about photography and illustration. Her desire to deepen her knowledge in the artistic field led her to Milan where she graduated in graphic science at the European Institute of Design (IED). It was in Milan, where she began her work experience in the world of prints and, after a few years, she decided to approach the fashion sector. Thus she worked closely with Carla Sozzani in 10 Corso Como and started to be fascinated by fabrics and the way in which designs can come to life once worn. This discovery led her to enrich her professional background with new experiences in the luxury sector, such as textile graphics for clothing and accessories, collaborating for the fashion house Etro.

In 2022 she decided to make her dream come true and founded the silk accessories brand "Mon Lien Atelier" which articulates her own individual interpretation of luxury design.


The brand

Mon Lien, or "my bond" wants to highlight the importance of relationships with the special people in our life through an object that is first of all a vehicle for our emotions. Representing the physical gesture between the accessory and our body when we tie it as a precious seal. Expressing the common thread that connects these great passions: fashion, patterns and colors.

Atelier symbolizes the place of creativity, as a small space where art is designed. Wants to emphasize the craftsmanship of the product which is made with care and in small scale initially.

Mon Lien Atelier is a world made of rich and detailed graphics designed in sophisticated structures. The creative process begins with a freehand sketch and then continues with the digital composition of the elements and ends by looking for the right color tone to achieve perfect harmony. Each mini-collection is characterized by a certain continuity where the same graphic elements are structured in a different way for a perfect match between the different formats of pochette, yoke, stole and sash. They are so differently similar.


The message

"Wrap people with an embrace of colorful and emotionally charged silk, to accompany them wherever they decide to go".

The color

Teal, a sophisticated mix of blue and green with a shade of gray. A nuance with a strong personality between turquoise and petroleum. Since its discovery in the late 1950s, it has been an emblem of elegance and exclusivity.


Strictly "Made in Italy"

Each product is printed and hemmed in Como, where the best producers of the luxury fashion sector are found, an Italian excellence recognized all over the world for its know- how and its passion for packaging products of the highest quality.

The Fabric

All articles consist of silk twill at 100%. This fascinating natural textile fiber, known for its elegance and excellent color rendering, is used to make fine fabrics. Lightweight, hypo-allergic and soft to the touch, it is highly breathable and is therefore perfect to wear in any season.

Thank you for visiting and for immersing yourself in my world !